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Just seeking for a fwb m4w hi there. W4m Alrighty, so as the title specifies, these are the type of guys I want to be friends with. The smell of mechanical machines. My life is good, I am happy, successful, have a great schedule and life.

Name: Nola
Age: 39
City: Shakopee, Lake Hopatcong, Yakima, Schoharie County
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Relationship Status: Mistress

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The Capricorn Rat's tact gets in the way of them being able to be totally frank sometimes. Read also: Capricorn Man and Rat Man. Capricorn-Rat — a unique personality, always follows its principles, but acts gently and cautiously.

Capricorn rat man

At work she is a strict boss, at home - an attentive wife. But on the other hand, this approach allows you to find the right girl and be happy.

They are quickly carried away by ideas, and do not genuinely understand why other men do not share their enthusiasm. What's the best month to get married.

Characteristics and compatibility of women capricorn, born in the year of the rat

They have a brilliant knowledge of the art of correctly prioritizing. Rat Capricorn Man — Career and Finance They are active and energetic, so they can achieve almost any position.

The Capricorn Rat woman is calm and at the same time successful in life. He tries not to buy meaningless gifts, and he himself caprricorn to receive practical things. Everyone needs to find balance, and this is particularly true with this.

And when she goes to school, she is praised for diligence and accuracy. If you are ready to get married, there are many auspicious dates in the last two months of November: 14, 17, 26 December: 6, 9, 13, 16, 25 Answered capriclrn Divya from USA Nov. Do not be late for work, work until late at night.

He is a good father who helps children achieve a lot by using different traits. They all have their own plans, if they break, then this dat a real stress for them. If the relationship is really successful and le to the creation of a family, then the man will find in the Rat-Capricorn a caring wife, a good mother and, at the same time, a successful woman all in one.

Compatibility (love & friendship)

With equal zeal try to accustom to the discipline of all raf. Work options for the Capricorn Rat will for the most part include occupations that he or she considers both ethical and purposeful. He does not have ill-wishers and enemies, he enjoys universal respect.

His own spiritual comfort is important to him. Capricorns from Western astrology are conventionally practical, reasonable and open-minded.


Their novels are not too turbulent, but they do have, indeed, deep feelings. Please give me detail information. He loves his house, prefers to spend all his free time with his family, and not with friends.

In love In love, Capricorns Rats are not prone to emotional outbursts. To warm relationships with emotions is not in her style.

Characteristic The Capricorn Rat woman is one of the most stable and harmonious natures. He can not be called an enthusiastic romantic, although a strong passion can deprive the mind, but for a short time.

Capricorn rat

Quite sensibly manages the overall budget: he is not a miser, but he does not waste money on trifles. Rate this article.

He instills in them all the necessary qualities for this. They carefully control their emotions, closely observe the behavior of people around them.

Capricorn-man, born in the rat year, in the bed

In general, a Capricorn Rat woman can be said to be planning her life. When life challenges, they get the opportunity to once again test themselves and prove to everyone their talents and abilities.

Both of you should solve problems together. He always knows all the features of everyday affairs, so he can not be caught unawares.

Sociability, curiosity and the desire to be in everything first helps her to easily get involved in any job and move up the career ladder. This is not done intentionally; they just find it extremely difficult to be blunt when rwt is needed. At times I can't see to get through to him or understand him. Too stubborn for Lady Capricorn will Aries. Would our relationship last longer.

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He was born on Mar. These people think quite soberly and practical. To make it truly harmonious, both partners must learn to be less obstinate and listen to the voice of the partner. These men are very self-assured in achieving their goals.