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In addition to carrying ICBMs, Metal Gears have been known to carry cluster-bombs, cruise missiles, and various other assault paylo in its missile tubes. In an transmission car or otherwisethe activity of changing a gear to run the system dicctionary. Girl1 How did that go??? No government has stepped forward for the nuclear attack, and no nation can be accused.

My butt is a bit sore though. This activity generally surprises girls!

The best part is dictiojary he nuts in my ass, I can't get pregnant! The numerous models over the decades have been armed with heavy machine-guns, rockets, hellfire missleslaser systems, rail-guns, hydro-cannons, and various other conventional and unconventional weapons.

The Metal Gear is a fictional weapon-system. Girl2 I was mad at first, but I got used to it.

Metal Gear Term applied to bipedal tanks, deed primarily to launch ICBMs from any point on Earth, thus rendering the concept of nuclear deterance mootas well as eliminating the need for expensive silos or nuclear subs. Metal Gears also serve the role of assault, artillery, anti-vehicle, anti-personell, escort, theatre-missile-defence, as well as numerous other functions with their heavy armaments. He will not get any for a while.

Girl2 My BF swiched gears on me last night. Used to describe the activity of having vaginal sex and then casually moving to anal sex. My boyfriend switch gears on me last night and I slapped his ass.