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Oasis sauna montreal

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There is also another room with gay movies that you will probably want to skip. Sauna Oasis, Montreal - large, popular hour gay sauna in Montreal, with bar, steam room, cabins, sauna, private/public action. Right at the entrance door there is some big s in french forbid people to smoke, but in some areas breathing is pretty impossible because every dude is smoking something.

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There is a living room on the main floor that has cable TV with the choice of channels if you are alone, otherwise on consensus or first come first serve. There are also latecomers that want to explore this side of their sexuality later in life so don't worry, you can lock your roomette if you want to be alone and nobody willl agress you while walking around.

They are outright rude to their customers, but somehow manage to stay in business. I did not mean to be rude to him by raising my voice for a lockerwhat really pissed me off was his face, his bitchy attitude, discrimination and racist 2 hours later, I asked for a new towel, this a--hole just told me in french with attitude that I was not allowed to get a new towel at the counter and pointed the finger to tell me to sxuna the towel at the gate.

Not recommended if you value sxuna health.

Personally, I do speak and understand frenchstill got the bad attitude from a bitchy punk staff at the counter. Most seemingly only look for Montreal, QC H2L 2H6 Canada.

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Re: Visiting a gay sauna in Montreal 5 years ago Save Well gay saunas aka bathouses have been here for a very long time. I was glad to find so many bottoms in this place.

Of course the place needs a little fix, but if you want a oaeis end place go to your 5 star hotel. Pinguin Over a year ago weirdly unoccupied I went there a Saturday night at about 10pm and left at 1am and we were about 20 other people in there, all old and surprisingly all ugly. Reviews.

6 reviews of Sauna Oasis "Other as at a Gay Sauna in Budapest I had only Contact to 2 Guys. Just a bit of an add to Tristou's description. I also met the guy that became the greatest love of my life there and he was just exploring and testing the water so our first encounter was much more talking and exchanging other than sexualy. Staff is also unfriendly, but the student discount makes for a good deal.

Ok so nowadays the police has completely stopped patroling the saunas so the roomettes doors are wide open when somebody want to show that he is looking for "action" and there is also plenty going on in the darkest nooks and crannies and there is a lot of underwater contacts in the whirlpool.

I did not talked back to him. Pro tip: you can exchange your towel any time.

Plenty of trolls to avoid. There are several guys at any hour of the day and you can always find a couple of beautiful men. · Sauna G.I.

I just wish the steam room didn't smell so bad. Sauna Oasis is the biggest sauna in Montreal's gay village.

So for a while there was heavy cruise all around but you had to retreat to a roomette or a very discreet corner to be able to have intimate contact. Report monreal content.

I prefer not to go to this place when this asshole is working. They could use some renovations. Here are the best gay saunas in Montreal.

Visiting a gay sauna in montreal - montreal forum

It has been owned by the same gay couple for more than 25 years that really do care of their business and it has a more relaxed atmosphere. Great service in french and english.

And even worse, they give you a hard time about getting new towels, which is very necessary at a bathhouse! Joe · Featured Montreal Hotels · Search by area. If you want to explore in a smoother way those would be better.

A nice anecdote from the was when a straight reporter decided to do a series of articles on the gay milieu and was asked to wrap his towel around his waist in the public areas, a thing that he never did at his regular straight gym! More than 80 percent of young or mature guys are looking for drugs, meth, in this place. I have been to this sauna many times and I always got the towel at the counter.

The hot tub is pretty big.

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This punk fag was such an a--hole. Just like sauna centre ville it is old and run down but reasonably clean.

A lot of young guys 20s and 30s started arriving at around 3. One star is not worth for this place.

As I checked saunz and asked for a locker, I did not know whether that faggot was really a deaf or pretended to be a deaf. There is no dress code thus some heterosexuals for buying drugs completely dressed walking around, rude, impolite and sometimes homophobe and you name it.

Loves it very good place The staff here are really nice they try to help the best they can this place is a great I found my boyfriend here most memorable day ever this place is great recommend the boys here are really sexy especially on the weekends Jontreal Over a year ago Just OKAY. I once had a conversation on the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright with an interesting American university teacher just there!