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Penthouse strip club vancouver

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It doesn't look like there's going to be last call on Seymour Street anytime soon.

There were a lot of special nights that were a product of the fact that the Filippones were very stip and very liberal people for the time. Joe Philliponi was murdered at the Penthouse in in what family describes as a robbery gone wrong. To a big old Italian like him in the early '70s the band was probably just a penthouuse of British longhairs that somebody in the bar told him was a big deal.

For those of us who grew up in Vancouver and only really knew it as a place where people got paid to take their clothes off, what do we need to know about its history?

Seventy sinful years of the penthouse nightclub

Danny has successfully run the Penthouse without nearly any of the same hassle or tragedy that affected his forebears, though in November an early morning fire threatened to destroy the building. In retrospect, everyone agreed that the closure was a major mistake.

What does a guy have to do to get a drink around here? Those out on the town with friends in nightclubs or to see performances were subject to the Vancouver police dry squad, who raided clubs and fined people for drinking inside all but private residences.

The establishment was also a revolving door for prostitutes. You have to adapt with the times, and I know they would have appreciated that. Free, admission to the museum included.

In it I found a list of the famous personalities and entertainers who'd come to the Penthouse that Joe Philliponi had written. Penthouse or Courthouse? Photo courtesy Brian Kent, Vancouver Sun archives. Subway Books Ltd.

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Harry Belafonte, Sammy Davis Jr. The decision caused an srip in the of women on the street, which led to the muddled attempts in the s to clean up the West End, and led as well, indirectly to the tragedy of the Missing Women. My first memory of it was vancouvwr I came home from school in September and saw the news about the shooting of Joe Filippone.

Danny Filippone, current owner of Penthouse, looks fondly at a photo of the establishment's founders, Ross and Joe Philippone, seen here accompanied by rockstar Johnny Ray.

A look back at the history of vancouver’s most interesting strip club

Back in the day, though, it was a place where people would dress to the nines to go to and see bands and comedians and things like that before the strippers happened. Liquor, Lust and the Law.

The Penthouse marks its 66th anniversary next year, despite its history of everything and everyone penthousr city hall, the police, family tragedy, the developers' wrecking ball, and even a fire trying to bring it down. Sure, any night of the week you can go there and see dancers, but they do stuff for the comedy fest and the jazz fest, and they used to do Penthouae Music West shows.

There are streets and there are regions, but are there places that have lasted that long in Vancouver?

Time and time again, when I did research for the book and made connections to people who were working in the Vancouver jazz scene in the s and s, they told me about how a lot of the black entertainers from the United States who would come up to Vancouver. Of course, then there were liquor raids, and all this other stuff that went on until the late s. More than 65 movies and TV shows have been filmed within its pennthouse walls.

Both are still in the Filippone name today. But all I recognized at that young age, especially the tenor in the way that the news was portrayed back then with them calling Joe the godfather of Seymour Street, was that it was a mafia hit.

Nonstop wardrobe malfunctions since

Is adult entertainment a viable business in with the Internet? When I did this interview with Ross Filippone for the book, he talked about vancouveer the bricks in the building going up in One can only imagine what it would have been like to be in the room that night, and what sort of trouble they got into!

In his most dramatic move, while trying to explain the complex layout of various rooms within the Penthouse building, he suggested to the judge that the court adjourn to the Penthouse itself. There, the family operated a string of businesses, including a taxi service Diamond Cabsa courier company Eagle Time that allegedly delivered liquor for bootleggers, and an amateur boxing gym. Maybe there are some construction businesses or local hardware stores that have been run by the father and the son, but it must be up there.

The same year the Penthouse got its liquor. And it was a place, because it was open late, where a lot of show business people, when they were in town, would go. Bottle of Evermore: In addition to a wealth of Penthouse photo archives, many of which are printed for the first time in the book along with police vancoucer and city archive material, I was also given the Filippone family scrapbook of archives, which pejthouse dossiers of notes and old business records.

The Filippone family was already a little notorious then, but that sealed the deal. With no bars with liquor s as we know them today, the clubs and ballrooms of old Vancouver nightlife forced customers to brown bag their own alcohol. During the trial of the Penthouse nightclub owners, the Filippones solicited the counsel of legendary Vancouver lawyer Russ Chamberlain. There were plenty of other racial biases here.