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The Grand Prix afterparty brings the best part of the races to the streets with a collection of cars to make any car enthusiast drool and a chance to meet the drivers of the F1 series. Alcoholic beverages were restricted to bars space and the glasses could not be carried with you if you left the deated place. The streets are filled with music booming from the Corona stage, performed by the best of Canadian entertainment.

Partake in pit stop challenges that test just how much you know about the Grand Prix and how quick you are on your feet. Contrarily to what JDP seems pix think the Vegas casinos give you free alcoolic or non at anywhere in the casinos since alcohol makes you more daring, leading to bad choices, including spending more than you budgeted. Think about it, if you order a drink in a Vegas casino you will have to have to wait a good 10 to 15 minutes to get your drinks and stewardesses are expecting a big tip but if you leave the casino arena to a separate bar with a chic atmosphere prices will be high, unless you have comps.

Downtown Montreal Prepare yourself for a crowd as an estimatedfellow race enthusiasts will be walking the streets, sharing the excitement of being immersed in the greatest race-day party the world of Grand Prix racing has seen. For example you could register to be excluded from the casinos and there were physionomist to insure that, for what it was worth.

They serve alcohol until 3am. Without being an expert counter I know quite well the basic strategy at Black Jack and I have had a lot of experience when working on a yacht at Atlantis, but I never ever went over my fixed in prxi limit and never drank alcool unless I knew that I would soon be on my way out and service will be efficient enough to get said drink before I left.

The classiness is queebec long gone concept since it atttracts mostly local retirees and very occasional visitors. Also you can have to wait a lot to get your drinks since the waitresses must cover a lot of ground to get more than one customer and walk to the far reach the special bar sections Nowadays the government has decided to go halfway to the Vegas way and not in a very efficient one.

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So they started to change rules, first allowing craps, then poker whith which went the rule agains baseball hats. Also non alcoholic beverages were served free either at tables or at beverage stations.

The party congregates here for the greatest selection of street vendors and food to be found in Montreal. Report inappropriate content. Paul is closed off to feature plenty of kiosks and grills. Party in the streets of Montreal, get lost in the fun of live entertainment, ogle the classic cars pulled out specifically to honor race day, stuff your pockets with free merchandise from countless vendors, and enjoy the finest foods that the city of Montreal has to offer.

Need to book a table at a nightclub? What about buying beer and alcohol in Montreal?

DJs ring in the nightlife entertainment to further fuel the festivities as the party creeps its way into the wee hours of the evening. Bars and clubs in Montreal in Montreal close at 3am.

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We can arrange it:. After hour clubs stay open till late mornings 11am-noon pri do not serve alcohol. So now you can have drinks at the tables or the slots and there are serving stations or stewardess with caddies offering free non alcoolic drinks but they haven't changed their policy about charging high prices for drinks.

Vendors dish out free merchandise with an abundance of giveaways and the best of racing is brought to life in high-adrenaline racing simulators. I actually think that they should have gone the whole way and offered free beer and well booze in the gaming area and serve high end brands at a high end prices in bars, lounges, etc.

More shining examples of pristine automobiles line the street as their proud owners show qhebec years of hard work to de and build their masterpieces. The streets will be packed not just with fellow race fans, but with show cars to gawk at.

Amidst the slew of race-day fanatics and tourists that stumbled upon this massive block party, the Grand Prix is also known to draw in a crowd of celebrities.