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Wife fantasy stories

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I don't smoke, drink socially, drug free. The frogs keep leaping disguised in the. I hope to get lot's of responses for good cross reference so lmk. Black male for middle eastern Indian girl I'm an stries male seeking a fun open friendship with desi girl (Desi Indian Pakistani Bengali or Middle Eastern).

Name: Shari
Age: 26
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On arrival at the hotel we went straight to the restaurant. I turned around and asked him to fuck me in the missionary position — this way I can see him in the eye and make sure he could keep his promise.

The wife's kinky fantasy

I have a thing for sucking cock and that is as far as it goes. While he was away Sue leaned over to me.

Matt rubbed his tip up and down her slit a few times eliciting erotic, but frustrated groans from Sue. I was wailing in pain, no, in pleasure. Smiling up at him she tucked her fingers under the elastic waist band and pulled it down and away from him at the front. On Category: Couple Tags: fantasyhorny wifeseduction The hot seduction of a sexy wife in an exhibitionist way and thoughts about other men like her driver and son made her super horny for the wild sex.

She let out a shriek as her orgasm rolled through her. Why did so many women object?

Wife and another man fantasy

Eventually dusk arrived and Sue started instructing me one step at a time. I loved giving her oral sex and found it hugely erotically stimulating. It slid to the floor at Sue's feet, leaving her dressed in only her G-string and high heels. He had barely sat down when he spoke to me very directly and sincerely.

I'm glad to see you are hard again so soon. Sue was submitting totally to sexual pleasure from Matt. It was an incredibly arousing sight watching my wife willingly give this man oral pleasure. I was left bending over at the waist. Sue got me to for the meal, as she and Matt slowly made their way to the elevator.

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Please pass me the ribbon Matt. He groaned as his body jerked and pumped his seed deep into my wife's cunt. Both their breathing was getting quicker and shallower. Cupping her naked tit with one hand and rolling the nipple between his fingers he asked me if the sight of my wife being exposed to and touched by another man excited me. As the kiss progressed I saw her run her fingers over his bare chest. Viagra obviously does the trick. Whenever we have sex I constantly think about my wife and other men.

I was a bit surprised that the sensations felt good -- and arousing. As they recovered Sue got a tissue and wiped the cum that was dripping from her fantssy. Sue smiled as she noticed my reaction. He seemed like a normal, pleasant, clean shaven guy. Matt had a huge grin on his face as he got Sue to roll over and bring her knees up.

Wife fantasy fulfilled

She was very close to her orgasm. But if you ever want to watch again you will have to live out my fantasy. She kept it there and rubbed around my hole a little. Matt greeted both of us with a warm open smile. With that she kneeled in front of Matt and undid his belt and zipper before tugging his trousers over his butt.

Will you do that? Do you like me to do that? I would love to have a T girl see to my wife. It did not take long for me to feel the familiar sensations of a rapidly rising orgasm. I had always wondered if you might enjoy a bit of bisexuality. I was intrigued at just how aroused she seemed. Priyanka: Hmm… I love you so much. Not quite sure how to react I just went along with Sue placing my hands on the bedpost and tying them together with a ribbon that she had brought along.

My wife's eyes were fixed on it as she tugged the underwear stoories Matt. Having been so desperate to cum for so long I just let my sexual needs take over. She took my cock in hand and lined it up with her pussy, running the tip across her labia. Feeling the initial intrusion Sue tried to ease her hips back to get more of his cock in her.

He stripped off his shirt and tossed in onto the couch, before leaning in to kiss my wife. I really want you to do it. My cock was twitching uncontrollably as it wanted to be stroked storied relieve the sexual excitement I was experiencing. As she saw me look at her she put it down and gave me a broad smile. I could not withdraw what I had said so I meekly replied, "Yes honey -- it would be very exciting.

That would be hugely exciting for me.

Right -- let's first get you in the right position. Just as I was getting hopeful, Sue let my cock pop out of her mouth. However, I could not remember her ever fsntasy so directly for it before. She brought a hand up to hold behind his head in a clear indication that she was enjoying his attentions immensely and did not want it to stop.